The Silent Killer

More than any weapons, wars or natural disasters, one thing has killed more than anything else. It is incidious in nature, and doesn’t care about age, race, sex, or religion. We all possess them, and yet treat them so lightly most of the time. What am I talking about? Our thoughts.

Our thoughts create our reality. When we allow our thoughts to take control, they can be powerful or deadly. Here are some examples where our thoughts have killed.

Suicide- This is so serious. It actually takes a life. A person gets so caught up in their thoughts about their situation that they believe it is a better option to leave this world than to stay and handle the challenges they are facing. The seriousness of the issue is real, because their thoughts made them so. There are stressors in life, like the loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, etc. that can create the challenges, but there are many people that deal with the same stressors, but make the choice to live. Our thoughts create the circumstance that makes suicide a viable option.

Wars- I don’t know all the reasons why wars are fought, but it seems like most of them are because two sides have differing opinions, and they both think they are right. Take the holy wars, for example. Religions, which are supposed to be based on love, choose to enforce their beliefs through war and death. Some wars exist to defend freedom, but that’s still one side thinking that one way is better than another.

Relationships- How many relationships are destroyed when two people have different thoughts about how things should be, and they choose not to reconcile them?

Our dreams- How many of our dreams have we put in the grave because we thought we weren’t good enough to make them come true?

What if, in all of the cases above, each person chose to have a different thought about the issue? What if the person contemplating suicide choose to think about all of the reasons to be alive, instead of all of the reasons to take their life?

What if, instead of choosing to go to war over an issue, they decided to settle the situation over a game of cards? What if both parties in a relationship made the choice that divorce wasn’t an option, so they were going to resolve differences in whatever way it took? What if we looked at our dreams, and believed it was impossible to fail? Just a change in thought could change any outcome.

What many people don’t realize is that our thoughts can only take control, if we allow them to. We are not our thoughts. Behind the thought is us, the observer. We are the ones in charge of our thoughts, if we choose to be. It’s easier said than done. It takes practice to separate our true selves from our thoughts. For most of us, our entire lives we have thought that we are our thoughts. “They are in my head, so they must be mine.” Is that true? Is that really true?

Here’s a hypothesis. We are all being bombarded by radio, sound, electromagnetic and light waves, as well as a lot of waves that we don’t even know about. Unless they are tuned to our specific frequency (like our visual or auditory range), we don’t notice them. There are cell phone waves all around us, and the only time we realize that is when our specific phone number rings. Our phone is tuned into that specific frequency.

What if our thoughts were the same way? What if some of our thoughts were truly ours, but what if the vast majority of them were just ‘out there’ and we picked up on them? I have no idea if this is true, but it gives you something to think about.

As I look at my thoughts, I ask myself three questions on whether to entertain the thought or not. They are:

1- Is this thought coming from a place of love, instead of fear?

2- Is this thought empowering or disempowering?

3- Does this thought feel heavy or light?

For the first two questions, I can use my brain. I can determine if the thought is beneficial to attach to and act on. For the last question, it is a feeling question, from the heart. I get to stop and feel how the thought feels. Two parts brain, one part heart, makes for a good recipe for which thoughts I choose to hold onto.

So much tragedy has been caused simply by our thinking, as individuals and as a human race. What thoughts do you hold on to throughout your day? Did you know you can dismiss the thoughts and think something else?

What are your thoughts on this article?




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Zenpowerment- Randy Scott

Zenpowerment- Randy Scott

Helping people create their path of peace, power and purpose with Zenpowerment.

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