The Problem Isn’t The Problem. Attachment Is The Problem

2020 has been an interesting year. For me, one of the things it has highlighted is the importance of non-attachment. I believe that the divisions that have been created are not because of covid or the elections, but because of our attachment to our opinions of them. The tighter we attach, the more right we think we are, and the more wrong we think the other side is. As soon as we create an opinion and attach to it, our brain looks for proof of that belief through confirmation bias, and filters out things that don’t support our belief. Both sides may be right… and/or both sides may be wrong.

By practicing non-attachment, we take the middle road. It is a road of peace. It is a road of presence.

Fear can play a big part in our attachment. Fear imagines worst-case scenarios of the future and chooses the safest, smallest alternative. The truth is, nobody knows what the future holds, and it is rarely the worst-case scenario that we imagine. If we choose to come from love instead of fear, we take back our power, and we become more united.

I have friends on both sides of the mask issue, and of the elections. They are all amazing individuals. What I have seen is that the more that each side attaches to their belief, the more division it creates. Right now, the world needs unity, not division.

There is nothing wrong with forming an opinion and believing something, but it doesn’t make it true. It especially does not make it true for everyone. If you are giving yourself the freedom to form your own opinion, allow others the freedom to do the same. Also, take care not to attach too tightly to your belief system, because when you do, you close off ideas and knowledge that may broaden your perspective.

For me, I have been blissful during 2020. The things that have helped me stay at peace are presence, love, and non-attachment.

In this very present moment, I’m okay. As soon as I start worrying about the future (which I really have no idea about what is to come), I lose my peace. It’s not worth it.

When I choose to come from love instead of fear, I have compassion on everyone. I seek to unite instead of divide.

When I practice non-attachment, I see how both sides can be right… and wrong.

We live in a world of gray. It is rarely black and white. Be okay with the gray.

I encourage all of us to reflect on where we may be attaching too tightly, and where we may be coming from fear, and readjust our perception. It will create more peace and harmony within ourselves and within this planet.

I may be wrong, but this is working for me.



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