Emotional Triggers and Accountability

  1. Fear of failure, or not being good enough
  2. Fear of loss or abandonment
  3. Fear of what other people think
  4. Fear of the unknown
  5. Fear for safety and security
  • What did I feel when this happened? (name the emotions)
  • When do I remember first feeling these emotions? What age? What situation?
  • At that time, what did I think it meant about me? Is that true? (Hint, it never is true)
  • If my Higher Self or a trusted advisor were to witness the situation, what would they say to me?
  • What is a new empowering belief or story that I could adopt, instead of the limiting belief?

Taking Accountability

  1. Attach to them- When we have an emotion and attach to it, the emotion grows. If these are emotions like anger, it rarely does any good.
  2. Act on them- this would be lashing out at somebody, or even worse, doing something physical.
  3. Let them go- Just because you feel an emotion doesn’t mean you have to act on it or attach to it. You can choose to let it go. Choose to focus on something else after you’ve taken the time to feel the emotion. This doesn’t mean suppressing it or hiding it away. Just embrace it for a minute. Don’t label it as good or bad (because that just increases the charge around it). Then, let it go.

Making Decisions While Triggered

In Summary



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