10 Principles To Reclaim Your Power

A summary of Zenpowerment

A few years ago, I started coaching high-performance executives and writing my first book at the same time. I had spent the previous sixteen years studying, researching, and life-hacking. My passion is the fusion of science, philosophy, and spirituality. After gaining the insights that I did as I applied these things in my life, I realized that it was too good to keep to myself, so I left my cushy job as VP of Marketing, and ventured out on my own to share what I call Zenpowerment.

Zenpowerment Credo

1. There are two primary motivational forces in our lives; love and fear. Love unites, fear divides. Love accepts, fear resists. Love is proactive, fear is reactive. Love is intrinsic, fear is learned. With love, there must be a balance between love for ourselves and love for others. This balance is created by boundaries. I choose love.

An Invitation

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