We have all become prisoners and we don’t even realize it. We may not have shackles on our legs like the slaves of early America. We may not be in the prison camps of Auschwitz. What’s worse is that we’re prisoners and slaves and may not even realize it.

If we’re walking around in a five foot circle, we don’t realize that our cage is 10x10 feet. We may even realize that we’re in a cage, so we just decorate it up and make it feel more comfortable. It’s still a cage.

What is this cage? How was it created…

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” Socrates

It wasn’t until I thought I was dead that I really took a look at my life. I had a great family, job, house, vehicles and all the other stuff that went with it, yet something still wasn’t quite right, like a splinter in my soul. It wasn’t until I realized I had a second chance at life that I started looking inward instead of outward for the answers.

This internal hero’s journey made my world crumble to pieces before it all came together. So many things I thought were true ended up…

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2020 has been an interesting year. For me, one of the things it has highlighted is the importance of non-attachment. I believe that the divisions that have been created are not because of covid or the elections, but because of our attachment to our opinions of them. The tighter we attach, the more right we think we are, and the more wrong we think the other side is. As soon as we create an opinion and attach to it, our brain looks for proof of that belief through confirmation bias, and filters out things that don’t support our belief. …

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A tool for improving your emotional intelligence

Emotions drive the majority of the decisions in our lives. Even those that believe that they are highly logical would be surprised at how much emotions rule our lives. Think about it. Logically, we all know that exercise and a healthy diet give us greater health, yet we live in a world of obesity and sickness related to health. It’s not the logic that is driving our behavior. It is our emotions.

Creating awareness of our emotions allows us to become more emotionally intelligent and leverage our emotions to our advantage.

Emotions aren’t…

A summary of Zenpowerment

A few years ago, I started coaching high-performance executives and writing my first book at the same time. I had spent the previous sixteen years studying, researching, and life-hacking. My passion is the fusion of science, philosophy, and spirituality. After gaining the insights that I did as I applied these things in my life, I realized that it was too good to keep to myself, so I left my cushy job as VP of Marketing, and ventured out on my own to share what I call Zenpowerment.

During these first two years of coaching, I was able to see which…

We all get triggered. Whether it’s road rage, or that ‘one thing’ that your partner does that bugs the hell out of you, we all get to deal with these subconscious programs that sometimes make us act like a five-year-old.

In fact, most of the time, our triggers are created before the age of seven, and then are strengthened by confirmation bias.

For triggers, our brain creates a story, based out of fear. There are five major fears that the amygdala in our brain creates. These are:

  1. Fear of failure, or not being good enough
  2. Fear of loss or abandonment

As I’ve been working on a mentoring program for teens and parents, I’ve had a number of meaningful conversations with people that have attempted suicide, and there seems to be a common thread; hope or despair. That’s the difference between staying alive or attempting suicide. There have been many suicides lately. Too many amazing people choosing to transition too early.

What’s interesting is that hope and despair are focused on the past and/or the future, both of which are really illusions. Our past is just a record of present moments that we remember. Our future is just a prediction of…

Attachment is the root of all suffering — Buddha

I remember in my twenties chasing the American dream. I went to college to get a degree in marketing. I got married and had 2.3 kids (or 4). I got a great job and was quickly promoted up the company ladder. I bought nice cars and a nice house. I bought an airplane. I lived in Switzerland for a year, then moved to Singapore for a year. I had it made.

Growing up, I always thought I was going to die when I was 33. I’m not sure why, that feeling…

Many times, I reach out to potential clients to see if they’d like to have an exploratory conversation and they tell me that they’re too busy. We act like being busy is a badge of honor that makes us look and feel important. From my point of view, it just means that we’re poor at prioritizing our lives.

I’ve been there. Back in my twenties, I would cram as much as I could in a day, sometimes working 14–16 hours a day, sleeping only 4–5 hours a night, because I was ‘important’. I was Vice President at a technology firm…

“There is power in the space between stimulus and response, in learning to be the present observer of your thoughts, emotions, and programming. It is the place where we create separation between who we really are and who we think we are.”

In order to discover our superpowers, we get to first discover where we are giving away our power. You see, it’s all relative. As the saying goes “The one-eyed man is king in the world of the blind”. …

Zenpowerment- Randy Scott

Helping people create their path of peace, power and purpose with Zenpowerment. http://www.myzenpowerment.com

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